Prototype Pics

Winter impressions from Markdorf (Baden) 

Traffic in winter 2003/2004 is mainly commuter and passerger trains. Commuter service is done by the motorcars class 650 and medium distance service is done by the tilting trains class 611. Sometimes a freight or a special passenger train will come through too. Even if thes motorcars are a very common view here, it is also possible to shoot some nice pictures in the Markdorf area!

In the dawn of a December day this 650 head eastwards in front of a panoramic view of the alps.

It's Christmas Day and only a few passerger change in Markdorf. But the train has to go on.

On December 27, 2003 two 650 motor cars are dashing over the street crossing.

Just before sunset this tilting 611 rushes through the landscape.

On the higher areas of the Gehrenberg you can see snow, at the track it is still green..

It is 5.06 pm and this pair of 650 rail cars heads to Markdorf.

On January 2, 2004 snow has fallen in the valley too. 650 105-0 and another 650 are approaching Markdorf from the east.

Snow dust follow the train.

The signal is indicating a free run through Markdorf .

 611 013-4 with only two lamps working.

In front of the town of Markdorf the red motor car is running by.

A passenger special with a Pacific steamer thunders through Markdorf station on January 3, 2004.

Highball! Click for enlarged image 1024 x 768 (150 kB).

01 519 steams by. The black and white image lets us believe it is about 40 years earlier! (Remark: the 01.5 never ran in regular service through Markdorf)

Few minutes later the time walk was finished by this 611 combo shooting through the small town. 

In the evening of the same day the passenger special is lead back by two ex-DB V100.