Status 3RWorks Tank Car

The first batch of 3RWorks 50' Tank Cars is progressing now. A few pics from the production.

In long rows dome platform segments are awaiting their wedding with one partner for the dome platform subassembly:

It's not ammunition... Domes and some bolster pins are finished for the first batch.

The tanks are ballasted and drilled. They now need to be flatened for the bolster pins and fine sanded.

Pre-assembled end platforms are ready to be soldered to the bolster pins.

After soldering they all meet in the cleaning batch.

Next step is assembling the domes and the end platform assemblies.

The assembly has finalised.

The first coat of primer is applied.

Next steps is the coat of colour, then decaling and a final clear coat. When trucks and couplers are added it is time to be supplied.

Picture of the delivery are to be seen at this link.