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Train Show on
Pferdemarkt 2010 in Leonberg 

After nearly 4 years resting, the Red Rock Railroad was roaring again! Invited by the MEC Leonberg Z scale was represented by the RRR during their Train show during the weekend of February 6 and 7. This years theme was american layouts
On Friday afternoon we started from Markdorf to Leonberg, near Stuttgart. We arrived at about 6 pm and nearly completed the build up before the evening dinner. Final work was done on Saturday morning as the show opened at 11 am.
In the middle of the gymnasium of the Leonberg Mörike School the RRR is awaiting the crowd.


Mathias is in full control of the layout.

The railroad crossing sign, the RRR flag and the bear enginer are again part of the show.

Michael is part of the RRR team at this show.

First time in use after after beeing already nearly 7 years at the RRR is UP3334, a SD40-2 "Snootnose" from AZL (see also the report on their arrival here). A DCX74z decoder was installed just in time for this show. The difficulties with the Uhlenbrock decoders at the time a purchase of this engine prevented an earlier start of this engine. Now the CT-electronic decoder perform very well and reliable with these engines.

3RWorks and AZL tank cars are rumbling over the crossing.

Also this good old Conrail GP40-2 has received a DCX74z decoder in front of the show. Now she can show for what she was build for. Both engines were running flawless on both days with the DCX74z decoders.

Desert Hog was again the crod pleaser!

On the show were off course also models in large scales: the americaN's are presenting their Fremo modules in N scale:

Loading cards are used for prototypical operation.

The Super Chief roll through a cut.

Even larger in scale and size is the sectional layout of the Stuttgart Model Railroaders in H0 scale of 1:87.

Station and roundhouse of White River Junction. The large radii are quite impressive!

Snapshots of White River Jct..

Peterstown is a suburban small town following modern scenes.

Many interesting details can be found here.

Opposite is Golden Valley, a rural station in the 1950's.

Largest scale of the show is 0 scale. The modelers of the Green Hill Traction are showing the remainder of a large interurban line. Today there is only some freigth operation ongoing and some museum operation of the local tram conservation club.

The kids had fun at a G layout and a Lego layout.

Both days wer a lot of fun! Here is the link to the MEC Leonberg:




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