Winter Pictures from Markdorfer 2010  

Winter 2010 was cold and we had also quite a lot of snow. In the beginning of January we had bright days and cold temperatures but not too much snow.

On January 3, 2010 I started to the tracks. The two whales Murg and Klettgau were visiting Markdorf again (See also report from Sommer 2009). At half past twelve at noon the pair is leaving Markdorf eastwards.

In front runs
641 015 "Murg", followed by 641 010 "Klettgau"  .

The shot afterwards could make you believe the 6 miles away Friedrichshafen would be an alpine winter sports location. 

In the afternoon I am positioned westwards of Markdorf. At 2.54 pm 650 304 and another 650 roll by heading for their final destination Singen.

13 minutes later the train to Friedrichshafen appears. In the background is one of the neighbouring wine hills.

At the same location, close to the old bridge near Bermatingen I can shoot
611 505 at 3.17 pm.

Then at 3.29 pm both whales are gliding backwards. In the background is the Gehrenberg, the home hill of Markdorf.

The next train is scheduled about 20 minutes later. So I have some time to climb the wine hill. At 3.54 a pair of 650 rail cars enters this magnificent scene with the mountains in the background. All previous photo locations of this afternoon can be seen from here.

A second shot shows the train just after passing the bridge.

For the next train to come, I will have about 15 minutes for the next location. This time I will wait under the apple trees close to the bridge. In the last sun rays of the day and in front of the alpine background the train moves by. Do you see the airplane just started in Friedrichshafen?

On a crisp morning on January 5, 2010 a regional train has stopped in Mardorf at 7.26 am. 

Just before sunrise a 650 motorcars thunders of the bridge in Lippbach.

Stop at 8.04 am in Markdorf. The eastern main track signal shows highball.

For the afternoon a freight train shall come. Despite freezing temperatures and showfall these collegues from the Markdorf railway club are
awaiting me at 3 pm with their eqipment already positioned.

In a light snow shower 611 536 is my first test of the situation today at 3.10 pm.

The next test is this pair of 650 railcars heading to Friedrichshafen. It seems to be all in gray and only the trains are a bright spot in this cold days. So I set this  little train in a cold gray world... How long do we have to freeze for the freigth train?

At 3.36 pm the release is with us! ER 20-004 pulls a long string of auto cars westwards.



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