Impressions of Intermodellbau Dortmund 2004

Mathias took over the operational responsibility for the RRR at the Intermodellbau on Sunday morning (April 25, 2004) so I had one hour for a round trip at the fair. Let's join me for this excursion: Of course due to limited time and sometimes difficult fotografic situations, the following pictures are showing only a subjectivly choosen and small part of the entire show.

First to the Z scale related highlights. At the booth of the Interessengemeinschaft Spur Z dozents of modules build by their members were providing long distance running for trains following German prototype.

One of my most favorite modules is the one with the headquarter of the "banana world".



Some of 2004 novelties were presented at the large Märklin booth. Unfortunately neiter the GG1 nor the new Mogul steamer was shown. Probably to compensate this, the trains at Märklins hilly layout were trying to break the world speed record for railroads.

Sorry, the pics from Dieter Heckl's masterpieces are not completely sharp. Nevertheless I want to show you the brass model of the German electric loco E44.5 and the electric express  railcar ET11. 20 years ago I was able to shoot some pictures of the prototype E44.5. A small preview of a coming classic foto special is the small picture.

Z scale gems from Saller are presented at this szene.        On all 5 days the show was very well visited.

Langley was showing these marvelous English shop fronts in H0 scale. The kits are made in cast metal and etched brass.

A close-up view to three of the buildings. Increadible these details.

We are now coming to the layout in the "large scales". First was the layout of Paul Schraepen modeling a US prototype.

A small cattle pen. Look the old green pick-up!

An Alco rumbles through the station.

A fast Union Pacific merchandise train is passing the signal bridge.

The background is matched harmonically with the layout and provides the imagination of depth.

Foto: Mathias Fetscher 
This large bridge is part of the layout of the Voornse Modelspoor Vereniging (H0 scale).

Ian Hogben presented his "Bacharach am Rhein" in N scale.

 Foto: Mathias Fetscher 
Holiday feeling! The layout of the narrow gauge railway of the northern German island Spiekeroog was presented at the booth of Arge H0m Modulanlage Kleinbahn Leer - Aurich - Wittmund. The top picture shows the harbour of Spiekeroog

and here is Spiekeroog main station. Track of this layout is H0m. Spiekeroog is one of the "ostfriesischen Nordseeinseln" - with many similarities to Wangerooge. See here pictures of the real Wangerooge island railway.

This is 1 scale! All rolling stock is weatherd to reach absolutely realistic atmosphere. The Spur1-Team Würtemberg was showing the possibilities if space does not matter.

Amasing in their details and appearance were all building on the modular layout of the model railroaders of N Spoor Limburg Zuid. The buildings are scratchbuild in paper and cardboard, following Dutch prototypes.

A large farm house.

A Dutch layout is not complete without a windmill.

 The masterpiece is the main station of Maastricht in N scale.

Filip Sleurink presented an other layout in Dutch style. It is H0 scale. You wil find always new details when your view is wandering over this layout.

Foto: Mathias Fetscher

The tracks are integrated into the landscape. See the haybarn near to the track...

...something has caught the attention of the dog.

Many small details are providing the special character of this layout. Like the szene with the chicken, the dog and the couple or like the next pic with pigs, chicken and good literature.







The garage is equipped even for larger repairs.

Vive la France! This neat and full operational diarama shows a small station in France during the 1950's. Jean-Pierre is the builder of the layout.

  Foto: Mathias Fetscher
At the Spijkspoor layout this old factory is just torn down.  

If you like to see more pictures of the Dortmund Intermodellbau 2004, I can recommend the following links (sorry they are all in German - but the pictures will speak for themselves...):




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