Lonesome Dove

The countdown has started...

Major construction work has started in the Red Rockies and in the background of Lonesome Dove. Several operational hurdles shall be removed and a new staging yard installed. The old one was only provisional. Due to a major traffic assignment at the end of April 2004 it was decided to go ahead with the single track re-construction instead of a complete new second track laying program. The work started in the west mountain. The old track was torn down:

The "hole" on 11.27.2003. On the floor are the remainders of the old track. The right pic shows a test build up with increased radii.

One month later the track is fixed.

Status 12.27.2003. There is now a large opening from the backside to control the tunnel (0-5-0 switcher in cases of emergency!).

The four middle segments get expansions for the staging yard, 12.29.2003.


Status 1.5.2004: All four segments for the staging yard are finished on benchwork. They need to get adjusted to the main segments.

The hole in the west mountain is closed again. On the left picture it is still white, on the right picture the first coat of "red soil" is still wet.



Two staging yard segments are test mounted. The right picture shows the "old" east tunnel.

Heavy earth moving equipment is used to cut the line free.

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