Part 1 Countdown

Lonesome Dove

The countdown is still ticking...

Status 1/9/2004:

The frame has been extended and a reasonable sized access hole installed.


Next step is to fix plywood in the tunnel area. Soon the first test track was layed.

The track is fixed with clamps. Feeder wires are soldered direcltly to the sides of the rails.

Soon the earth surface is build up again with the proven mosquito grid / plaster method. The tunnel profile needs to be enlarged for double stack intermodal equipment.

A cracked section needs some new skin. The mountain is pink again.

1/23/2003: A new tunnel entrance is to be build in concrete. You actually see the wooden mould. The RRR tunnel work train consists of the fattest engine, the longest car and the highest load. The new part of the hill is already formed into shape and needs final colouring and weathering.10.2.2004.

The exiting sequel of the works is to be seen at the 3rd section - click here!