Lonesome Dove

     Historic Views of Lonesome Dove 
Pictures out of a dark past 

Engine 21 thunders though durchs Lonesome Valley leading a colourful little train - one 4 bay hopper, one tank car and two 2 bay hopper. At time of this exposure the hills were round and not scared by ersosion. The soil was still dark and not bleached like today. Even the vegetation is only minor - deep shodows were of the valley during that time.

This picture was realised by usage of a battery of floodlights to illuminate that dark valley.

Direcly behind the engine runs the sample of a 30' tank car. More of this tanker here!

A Union Pacific freight rumbles of the main street crossing at the Lonesome Dove station. The ground near the church is starting to fade out into the light red to pink colour today the entire area is showing.

This shows the installation of the 4 middle segments in a smaller room. Two each were connected and linked by two curved elements to put some traffic into the valley.

On the shown curved segment you can see the Lenz compact to run train digitally!



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