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Geology of the Red Rockies:

Lonesome Dove Country is of younger time in earth history. First two migthy mountain sections arose - this was about 1995 years after the beginning of our timecounting. These mountain sections went through several stages of development. The first phase was a kind of chalk time. Very soon a dark brown colour of the surface followed and some vegetation. After some time of seismic quietness an eruption of activity created the valley where in our days Lonesome Dove is located. Again the same evolution happened as on the mountain section.

In recent time again dramatic changes happened. The old surface was replaced by a completely different stone. We are glad to show you some very interesting pictures made by attentive geologists:

On a wooden frame with profiles a metal grid is fixed. 

Begin of the chalk-time, plaster cloth from the pharmacy enables a fast and stabile progress.

Thick layers of red soil covering the surface. Rugged rocks are rising out of the stone. 

The rocks are casted in moulds from Woodlands and in homemade moulds. They are cast with red coloured plaster. Red plaster is the material to fix them on the ground. After drying the links between the rocks are sculptured with a putty knife.  

After these earth-moving phases an equal colour is achieved by airbrush and brush. Then weathering follows with several coats of heavily thinned water coulours. Very soon vegetation will grow up!

Following on public demand we now like to invite you in the "backstage area":

Bild R. Willi

Here are some more pics of the early stage:



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