Lonesome Dove

Rolling Stock


Prototype Pics




In the foreground the "garden railroad" has been placed on an old table over the holidays for the kids. Behind that table you see the machining department. On an old door lathe and drill/milling station are located. On the next desk (has been used by the author during his studies at University) the assembly line is located. What will be assembled there? Use the above links and see!

Do you know this phenomenon? Just cleaned up and soon no space again? Fortunately Z scale is small, you will always find some space to continue.

Come in to the Workshop of the RRR! The boss of the shop is greeting you in front of the Red Rock Railraod flag!

The lathe.

This is the painting department, build from an used kitchen fumes ventilator. The top of the paint booth is an excellent place to store all these small items you never know where to put to have them handy when you need them. During use of the spray booth a wooden frame is installed into the open window and leads the spray fog outside through the hose.

After painting this overhauled RRR rolling stock is drying.

 <== In the storage area near the archives Lonesome Dove has to rest now! The 6 segments are waiting for further detailling and their next assignment.




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