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This is the list of the favorite sites of the Red Rock Railroad Manegement. For the content or correctness of these pages no liability will be taken by the author of this site.

Warmly welcome are hints to other exiting sites, not currently listed here - our Management is actually much too busy than to surf the whole day for the best rail sites...

Z related pages:

220 Das Journal: Das Spur Z Journal von Nicola und Guido Kruschke
Andrejs Internetseite: Epoche 1 in Z scale
Das Forum der Spur Z: German Internet forum on Z scale
Der Zettbahner: The name says it
Die Modellbahn Z Page: Layouts, hints and information
Do it yourself in Z scale: A good source of Z realated information
Franz Homepage: Collection, layout in a suitcase and a winter diorama
Freundeskreis der Spur Z Hamburg, Good info, severals layouts and hints, english version available
Jo's Z Seiten: Jo's layouts and scratchbuilding projects
Jürgens Z Seite: Swiss, town, suitcase and US Layout.
Spur Z Online: E-zine in German language
Scratchbuild Z Trains: Incredible scratchbuilding of american rolling stock!
thezcollection.be The complete collection of Z scale vehicles
Yahoo Groups Z scale: Z scale platform & mailing list in english language
Z220: Installation of a DCC decoder into a Z engine
Z-World: Best tips and hints from the US
Z Club 92: Z scale platform & mailing list in english language
Z Club GB: British Z scaling
Zettzeit: The standard of European Z-ing. Visit his narrow gauge Z scale (Zm) page.
Ztrack: The magazine of american Z-ing
Z fun: Scratch build locomotives like V20 old electric engine
Ztrain.com: American Z page with many how-to's

Further model railroad sites (even as these are "garden railroads"... - very interesting!)

Joe's 0 scale Layout: Large o scale layout with many great animations!
Manual of Traffic Signs: US Verkehrsschilder mit Erklärung und Bitmap!!
MEF Markdorf: My home club
Walter Völkleins Rhätische Bahn in H0m: Model and prototype
World's Greatest Hobby: Start training here! 

World's Greatest Hobby

Links to the real ones:

Acron Barberton Railroad: Page über eine Shortline Railroad
All Things Train - Trains.com: Homepage of Kalmbach Publishing
Bahnbilder von Frank Heukelbach: Many good pics mainly from German Railways
Die Südbahn: Ulm-Friedrichshafen-Lindau and Infos to the railroad in the south of Germany
Five Chime Consultants Airhorn Guide: Sounds and pics from US airhorns. Tooht!
Jolly's Tunnel Motor Guide: All about Tunnelmotors!!
Krug Tales: Original US Railroad Stories with pictures
McClosky's Southern Pacific Railroad Web Resources Page: A link compendium to SP related pages.
Privat- und Museumsbahnseiten of Alexander Bückle
Siskiyou Line: Southern Pacific in prototype and model.
Somewhere West of Denver: Western Railroad feeling...
Southern Pacific: A lot of information and pics about SP
The unofficial Algoma Central Railway Home Page: A treasure box of American Railroad pics and information!
SP - Arizona: Timetables and pictures
Tank Car Homepage: many pics and informations on US-tank cars
The train-and other-things-page: Excellent pictures from the world's railroads!
TrainWeb.com: Trains on the web? TrainWeb.com!

The proven suppliers of Red Rock Railroad:

Rolling stock:

AZL: Fine brass models of american prototypes
Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik: Excellent rolling stock - available as kits too!
Märklin Inc.: The Märklin program in America.
Micro-Trains: Best plastic rolling stock in Zscale
Pennzee: US-freigth cars and card board buildings.
3RWorks: US Tank Cars

Buildings and accesories:

Artitec: Resin kits of ships and houses
Miller Engineering: American buildings, accessories and signs.
Micron Art: Fine US buildings and accessories.
Plastruct: Everything for plastic scratchbuilding.
3RWorks: Buildings and structures really needed at the RRR


Bob "Z": "Z-only" dealer, absolutly complete stocked and best service.
Caboose Hobbies: Big choice in all scales!
Tony's Train Exchange: RRR's source for US-DCC.
Vonbach: Hobby shop in Friedrichshafen for Märklin, Lenz etc.
Walthers: The complete US program.


Digitrax: Digital systems.
Lenz: Digital systems.
Soundtraxx: Sound decoder.
Zimo: Digital systems, Excellent decoder!


Fohrmann: Tools for modelers.
Micromark: Special tools. 

Further supplier of Z scale stuff:

Beier: Nice accessories
Black Bear Construction: Wood Trestle for Z scale
Father Nature: Trees and Billboard Reefer
Fiddler's Green: Cardboard models
Kleinserien.de: Several small manufacturers
Mayerhofer: Nice accessories
Republik Locomotive Works: Mainly Nm3 - but a few Z too
Thortrains: Cardboard models
ZundMeer: A lot of cars, vehicles and accessories in 1:220



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