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Ireland by Rail 2006

In Killarney we stayed one day to get around the famous ring of Kerry by bus. Unfortunately we had a bit of wet conditions. One fast picture out of the windows shows an old bridge - a narrow gage railway was operating here decades ago.

Next day a van picked us up for Limerick. At the railroad station we should meet today's tour group. Fortunately we arrived well in time enabling myself to explore the station.

Intermodal Irisch style. Even here in the green country some container traffic happens. Most container car have 4 axles but still some anxient looking two axle cars are in service.

Just in front of the station hall a slightly dirty engine 160 (Class 141) is idling.

The trucks show their EMD heritage. They have a kind of "Tunnelmotor" cooling system.

The engineer's workplace.

Railcar 2719 brought o bunch of people to Limerick. Now our tour is complete and we start the bus for Bunratty Caste, Luch at Gus O'Connor's Pub in Doolin and the wellknown Cliffs of Moher.

In the evening we reach Galway and can enjoy the departure of an Intercity train to Dublin:

The engine is a Class 201 from Northern Ireland in "Enterprise" livery.

Next day's tour lead us through Connemara and to the famous Kylemore Abbey. Again a day with high humidity (rain) but a stunning landscape.

Back at Galway. In 2001 old semaphores were controlling the rails, now modern light signal are in duty. Compare this view with 2001's at Class 201 in Ireland.

This train will bring us back to Dublin. Engine 112 has survived her Guiness tour and it is waiting in pouring rain now. But the palm trees (even when they are small) seem to like it. These class of engines are lacking exhaust silencers - during our journey in the second coach behind the engine the drum beats of the EMD 12 cylinder engine were music in my ears.

View to the freight terminal of Galway. At the team track you see Guiness containers. More of this tour you find here:  Irland 3

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