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Ireland by Rail 2006

In Mai 2006 my wife and I spend one week vacation in Ireland. As she loves Ireland and I trains we booked a 4 day round tour at Railtours...

Starting at Dublin Heuston station was 7.00 in the morning. Fortunately we were there well in time to have some time to look around. Cab car 6105 shows the old colour scheme of Irish Rail.

In the background you see the brand new Mark4 power car Bahnsteig - the first revenue trips should start just one week later.

Just a snapshot close after departure: Class 181 (it is # 192) in front of the Obelisk of Dublin.

View into the coach, the seats were reserved by the yellow tags at the seats. On the way to Cork many of the fellows will exit for other interesting tours by railtours.

At a stop on the route we see railcar 2753. These vehicles are serving branch lines.

On the other side the first freigth train sits on a siding. Motive power is a class 71 engine from northern Ireland! The four cars are loaded with barrels of Guiness beer.

Looks like the "good old time"... but the modern times are still very present in AC system and new doors. Cork railway station.

Todays target for the morning is Blarney Castle, the weather is marvelous!

The afternoon we spend in Cobh.

After a visit to the cathedral, the emigrant museum and a nice stay at the river bank it is time to catch a train.

We will depart Cobh by rail. This set of DMU will bring us to Mallow.

In the background you can see the emigrant museum. From here the Titanic started for her last journey.

A MOW train at Cork station.

Inside of the railcar.

In Mallow we change trains to Killarney


Engine 216 is freshly painted to the new Intercity livery, the cars are still in previous colours.

At the north of the station engine 177, a Class 141, awaits her next duties.

The railcar to Killarney enters Mallow station. Sequel follows at Irland 2.

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