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Rail Classics Volume 4: E 44.5 / 144.5 der DB
1984 was also the final year for the sub class E44.5 or 144.5 of the German Federal Railway. These engines were build for use on the line Freilassing-Berchtesgaden in two lots, one in 1933 and the second in1938. The first lot is from 144 502 to 144 505. 144 506 to 144 509 belongs to the second series engines. All 8 engines stayed their entire service on their home line.

Together with standard E 44's, 144 505-5 is awaitig the scrap torch. These loco are standing at the Bw Rosenheim. In the left background you see the successor of the E44.5 - the modern 111.

Side view of 144 505-5. Compared to a standard E 44 the "nose" is missing. 144 505-5 out of the first production, visible by the the smooth end of the box cab.

Close view.

Oben: One truck of 144 505-5.

Left: The lettering of this engine.





Below: It is a very humid and hot afternoon, just in expection of the thunder storm on the evening. At the Bw Freilassing I found further E44.5. Due to the indifferent light just before the thunderstorm the colours are fasded away..

Also the engines in Freilassing were already retired and without headlights.On the below picture you will see 144 504-8, as one of the earlier engines, taken from the fan side. Behind her is 144 507-1, representing the later series. Sign for second series are the full width roof cuppola and the holed frome of the box cab.

144 504-8 from side.

Oben: Side view of 144 507-1.




Links: Front of this engine. Remarkable for second series are the single sunshades of the front windows.







Unten: Truck of this engine. The brake assembly is different. The second batch of engines is more powerful and has a 7 ton high brake weigth for passenger trains.

Thanks to the friendly staff of the Bw Rosenheim, I had the opportunity to see inside. Here 144 502-2 was standing. This engine was painted in the former DRG scheme.

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